Govan-ReeseDawn Govan-Reese, NCH, C.LAC., C.MI CCLYI.,
Nationally Certified Hypnotist, ( NGH) Certified Law of Attraction Counselor, Meditation Instructor, Yoga Instructor (specialty in children), Reiki Practitioner, Providing Hypnosis and Coaching Services throughout the tri-state area. Member of Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Many years in the medical field as a Phlebotomist and Medical office assistant.

Director, Dawn Govan-Reese, Nationally Certified Hypnotist and coach has also empowered many people to improve health, increase wealth, develop more meaningful relationships increase self-esteem/ and self-worth. Thus, if you are retired and looking to stop smoking or lose weight, a diabetic who needs to overcome eating binges or a CEO who wants to get the edge in life, we have a program for you.


“With many Years of operating a daycare and working with and advocating for seriously troubled youth, especially mother-baby teens, my passion for helping others was inspired and enhanced as I furthered my experience in the medical field as a phlebotomist and medical office assistant. Still, there was a void- I longed to expand my resourcefulness to help my community. Attracted serendipitously to the Scott Mcfall method of hypnosis, I was trained with this unique and effective approach by Tim Shurr of Hypnotism Academy of Indiana with ongoing mentoring with Tim Shurr at Indy Hypnosis and IHTC for continual growth. I’ve acquired International Hypnosis training and Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotist. Why hypnosis, because it works to get you what you want. Hypnosis has helped me and other renowned individuals even reaching as far as the Vatican. Medical doctors are now recognizing the benefits of Hypnosis as an alternative means of treatment. Our communities are bombarded by stress and anxiousness and Hypnosis helps many. We work with the whole person by promoting the connection between the mind, body, and spirit with guided imagery and relaxation. As a certified meditation instructor trained in Vipassana meditation various clients have found creative ways to cope while avoiding burn out. Certified as a Childlight Yoga Instructor for many children from ages two and up are taught creatively to relax… With Children, Yoga works by incorporating creative movement, awareness, focus and balance while increasing strength and flexibility. Relaxation through Yoga helps in de-stressing while quieting the mind, decreasing fidgeting and impulsiveness. The bonus includes respect for self and others as skills in reflection are heightened.

From the moment I had my first experience with the Scott McFall method to hypnosis, I was astonished at how hundreds of people all over the USA were being helped. With Ericksonian, progressive, NLP, Elman hypnosis modalities, I have been astounded by the unlimited potential of the amazing human mind. I see every technique as a new opportunity to help someone to achieve their goals. Your subconscious mind holds the keys to unlock your ability to achieve your dreams and goals. Clients are refreshingly surprised with their results.

Motivated to help individuals reach their potential the driving for is the clients’ success to change.

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