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Childhood is a time when young people should be free from worries and cares. Unfortunately, many children face stress, fears and uncertainties that follow them into puberty and their teenage years. What parents are learning is that hypnosis is as effective for children as it is for adults, and can treat both the emotional and physical symptoms of youth.

Philadelphia Hypnotist BuxMont Hypnosis Advocates for a Year-Round, Healthy Lifestyle That Will Improve Overall Well-Being

Now that the summer-like weather is finally here, more and more American citizens are leaving the warm, comfort of their homes only to find that their hibernation has left them with several extra pounds. Although it may be easier to motivate yourself to lose weight during bikini season, you could be living healthy year round.

Did you know that over 60% of all Americans are overweight and that diets fail almost 95% of all the time? Hypnosis has been found to help motivate individuals not only during the warmer months, but year round through powerful suggestions to the unconscious mind.

How BuxMont Hypnosis’ PA Hypnosis Can Help With Pain & Stress

Back in the mid-1950s, both the American and British Medical Associations accepted hypnosis as a viable source, and yet today, hypnosis is criticized widely as being just another one of those ineffective, new-age treatments.

The reason that hypnosis is often perceived to be a sham is largely due to the media. When we think of hypnotists we picture mysterious characters that are often holding pocket watches or spiraled black-and-white gadgets. In reality, hypnotists are people who want to help people change their way of thinking about life situations.

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