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Weight Loss and Healthy Eating
Are you noticing you eat to survive or are you surviving to eat? Do you feel that you are controlled by food? Are you tired of diets that don’t work? Stuck in your mind are misconceptions about weight loss? Hypnosis is a method that neutralizes the unhealthy behavior patterns? Are you ready to gain control of your life, become thinner, healthier, energized, and more confident in your appearance? This drug-free, empowering approach may be just what you need. Details on weight loss and hypnosis.

Smoking Cessation
Are you sick of being controlled by cigarettes? Tired of the coughing and hacking? Do you easily get out of breath or sound like you suffer from COPD? Are you concerned about how cigarettes are aging your skin—your entire body? Immediately after quitting the air around you is no longer dangerous to children and other adults. In one year risk of premature coronary heart disease falls by 50%. If you’re truly ready to release this life-threatening habit, hypnosis may be the solution for you. Details on smoking cessation and hypnosis.

Relaxation and Stress Management
With hypnosis and coaching, you will have a healthier outlook on life, promote calm breathing and relaxation, identify and address factors creating stress in your life. Instead of exhausting your mind with all sorts of worries and concerns, you’ll have clarified thinking a mind at ease, rested and rejuvenated, as you gain a better perspective. Details on stress management and hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an established method for improving performance and building confidence in many areas—including athletics, academics, career, social interaction, public speaking, and more. By uncovering and neutralizing key concerns and barriers, and using techniques that train your mind to be an ally in reaching your goals, you will be empowered to shine.

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